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New generation fixtures launched
Thanks for the hardworking of our engineers in the past 2018, at this very beginning of 2019 we are very happy to announce that our new generation fixtures are ready.
In China we say “xin nian xin qi xiang” which means to begin the year with a good start, we believe it’s a good start with the new products.
The new generation fixture has quite a lot advantages compared with other brands of fixtures in the market. In the past years, we visited growers worldwide hearing their compliance about their fixtures such as how difficult to install, how inconvenient to clean the reflector, not stable, always break down etc. We are proud to say our new generation fixture solved all the problems, and we will continue to learn and research to give growers best product and service.
Along with the fixture, our engineer also designed yoyo hook system, this is used to change the height between crops and lights which is very useful, grower can change the height at any time by remote control according to the height of crops. The amazing thing is this yoyo can also work as a switcher which matches with all brands of fixture in the market.