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Project delivery of Canada
On the first day of April, the sun is shining and everything is full of vitality. In this vibrant season, our Canadian partner's 话题标签#4mmTemperedDiffuseGla...
Apr 02, 2024
Rose project
Remember our project in Gansu Province? It has now been transformed into a gorgeous sea of roses in full bloom. In January this year, our partners achieved a re...
Mar 02, 2024
What a beautiful night scene!
What a beautiful night scene! Our glass greenhouse project in Ohio adopted Planti's tempered ultra clear glass with two sides AR coating for planting strawberr...
Feb 23, 2024
Work Photo shoot
We took work photos with our colleagues, capturing their smiles as we worked together. These photos are not just images, but also witnesses of our collective efforts and growth. Thank you for your contribution. Let's keep moving forward in our work and create more meaningful memories together!
Feb 01, 2024
Partner Visit
We are delighted to introduce our special visitors from Van der Valk Horti Systems, Rob Bekkering, Deputy General Manager, and Sander Zwinkels, the Engineer. They visited our office to share some suggestions about horticulture and plant cultivation. During the visit, Sander showed a keen interest in the office's greenhouse photos and asked questions about the growing conditions of the plants
Jan 13, 2024
Low- e glass - improves energy conservation efficiency
During the past year, 2022, the energy crisis in Europe has caused historical price increases and the temporary greenhouse closing of the winter season, especially in the ornamental sector. High energy prices impacted the running and income of greenhouse growers greatly. The development of Low-E glass brings a new chance for the industry. Its ‘temperature keeping’ character significantly influences climate control and energy saving. Besides energy saving, additional advantages are also seen in low-E glass: 1. The safety and flexibility of combining with all glass production processes, li
Dec 02, 2023
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